Special Events

Your Special Event at Haystack

Haystack has been hosting events both large and small since 1966, and we can host your special event in one of two locations:

  • Clubhouse - a great spot for informal or golf-related activities
  • Haystack Hearth - the private manor estate and grounds for large events and celebrations

Clubhouse Events

Great for birthday parties, company tournaments, or informal celebrations, we can help host events inside the clubhouse, adjoining porch and outside in the garden area between the clubhouse and driving range.

There are no special fees associated with most clubhouse events, with the understanding that the space is open to the public, and all food and drink must be provided by Haystack.

For special requests or scheduling, call the clubhouse to speak with Mike at 303-530-1400.

Haystack Hearth Events

Tucked away from golf activities is Haystack Hearth, where cozy meets sublime at Lefthand Creek.

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Retreats & Holiday Parties
  • Special Occasions, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, and more

For more information, visit our Haystack Hearth website or email info@haystackhearth.com.